Activities for children

Workshops for preschoolers are conducted in groups, every working day lasting for 90 minutes. The participants of the workshops are preschool children (3 – 6 years), who are classified into peer groups (younger and older preschoolers). The program is intended for children of preschool age who are not covered by any other form of preschool education.

The goal of the workshop program is to enable children to develop social, emotional, speech, but also cognitive skills and strengthen self-confidence through play and socializing with peers.

An integral part of working with preschoolers is counseling for parents. The goal is to strengthen and improve parental competencies for recognizing and applying positive parenting styles, independence of the child and his/her socialization, recognizing and respecting the child's needs, recognizing the importance of parental compliance in educational procedures and on spending more quality time with their children.

Individual speech therapy work includes detection, diagnosis and work on the elimination of speech, language and voice disorders, as well as the prevention of speech-language disorders.


Udruženje svoje aktivnosti realizira u centru Snaga žene i na terenu

Rad na terenu se realizira periodično, ovisno o planiranim aktivnostima za svaki projekt pojedinačno. Stručni tim Snaga žene prateći plan realizacije i projektne zahtjeve organizira pojedinačne i grupne posjete korisnicima na svim projektnim lokacijama diljem BiH.