Activities for women

Legal assistance

As a part of its legal support,  Snaga žene provides following legal services: 

  • individual and group legal counseling related to various legal issues such as doemstic violence protection, family law, inheritance law, exercising rights in the field of pension and disability insurance and health insurance, social protection, protection of families with children and civilian victims of war, protection of the rights of witnesses in criminal proceedings, etc.
  • writing requests, petitions, appeals, lawsuits and other submissions in terms of exercising the rights of our beneficiaries
  • conducting the mediation procedure that precedes the divorce litigation
  • preparation, monitoring and support of witnesses for testifying in war crimes cases before the courts in BiH (before, during and after testifying)

Association Snaga žene has been accredited by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare to issue certificates to survivors of sexual abuse and rape, in order to obtain the status of a special category of civilian victims of war