Activities for women

Medical support

Snaga žene continuously conducts individual health counseling, medical examinations, and the distribution of appropriate therapy according to symptoms and developed diseases in Tuzla, Srebrenica, Bratunac, Brčko, Vareš, Mostar, Modriča,Goražde, Bijeljina, Višegrad, Zvornik and other places where Snaga žene implements its activities.

In addition to individual medical counseling, Snaga žene organizes group health education on how to stay healthy and maintain mental and physical health, prevention of infectious diseases, chronic diseases, monitoring and control of diseases, as well as prevention of psychosomatic diseases specifically related to trauma. Snaga žene continuously follows actual events in the field of medicine, as well as those that are characteristic for our beneficiary categories, and in accordance with needs of individuals/groups Snaga žene organizes thematic medical workshops.